Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Democrat Socialist Party? Pardon Me While I ROTFALMAO!!!

Holy smoke!

The Republican Party, while unable to find a solution for double digit unemployment or to find a way to end a war which costs America's federal government billions of tax dollars every month, has found that it isn't merely adequate for the Democratic Party to simply be the Democratic Party anymore.

The Democrats aren't leveling with the American people and, in the spirit of truth in advertising, they really need to change the name of the party to reflect that which they believe in and care about. Be it resolved, the Republicans are prepared to help the Democrats with their "identity problem".

Be it resolved, the Democratic Party will now be called the Democrat Socialist Party. It's clear, concise...and truthful. The party that wants to lead us into a cradle-to-grave governmental utopia now has a name befitting its true mission.

Be it resolved, the Republican Party has helped us all to see the light emerging from the heart of darkness. The Republicans will save us and deliver us from the enemy that is the U.S. Federal Government.

Never mind that the Republicans have yet to be resolute enough to work with the Democrats to find a solution to the myriad problems that arose from their leadership in the years while George W. Bush minded the store at 1600 Pennsylvania Av. NW. The Republicans have no answer to the unemployment problem. Or to the energy problem. Or to a solution to end the war in Iraq.

All the Republicans have done to answer the problems that reached fruition during the Bush years is to go teabagging against the Democrat Socialist Party's alleged lust for tax revenues to build previously mentioned cradle-to-grave socialist government utopia.

Of course, if Americans had jobs where income would be taxed at a reasonable level while they could reinvigorate their livelihoods and contribute to society and to its economy, you might see this magical ability for the government at the federal, state and local levels to be able to provide services that would work so well provided by oneself...simple things like plowing snow-covered streets in the winter or covering potholes or paving streets in the spring, for example.

It's things like that which we rely on government to handle with greater efficiency than that which we could find a solution on our own. If we, as Americans, could do all of the things we depend on government to do on our own, why the hell would we need a government at all? At any level?

Americans that decry "socialism" fail to realize the scope and magnitude of what government provides which actually makes their lives that much easier. Or safer. Or quieter. If not for the progress of government, most Americans would still live in the cities that have been abandoned in favor of building the roads leading them to the bucolic ideal of exurbia.

The root word for "socialism" is "social". As opposed to being "anti-social" which is, the last time I checked, a negative attribute which could potentially lead to behavior which we would need a governmental entity like, say, a court to determine the guilt or innocence of behavior deemed to be "anti-social".

"Social" behavior is the trait which allows for neighborhood. It allows for cooperation between people to find solutions to problems. It is a trait that we could use between Democrats and Republicans to find a solution to the very real problems of this country that are not going to go away any time soon unless we, as Americans, demand that EVERYONE in government cooperate and do the work to improve the American Society.

The Democratic Party is the organization at the moment that is working through the problems we face. It is a duty that is hard to accept, but must be accepted if America is going to work again in any way resembling the way it has worked in its successful past.

The Republican Party feels its duty is to "teabag" against being, allegedly, outrageously taxed and to find new names to call their ideological counterparts.

I'm fine with the Republican Party renaming the opposition party the Democrat Socialist long as they add an apostrophe "T" to the end of "Republican", seeing as though they can't work a solution for America's future...and can't seem to find it in their hearts to drop the bullshit partisanship and work to get America back to work and back to being a proud nation and a great society in which to be a part.


Kim said...

*clapping hands, whistling, stomping feet vigorously*

Dave, you simply must write more frequently. BRAVO!

BuckeyeHoppy said...

We had 20+ years of "minding the store" leadership in the WH before Barack Obama. A lot of passing the buck happened as well. Bush I and II and Clinton were incapable of providing the leadership necessary to build enough consensus to get anything done. Meanwhile, the parties did all they could to create a bunker mentality and separate the haves from the have nots.

Got some news for the so-called haves. If you thing all this bailing out by the federal government is too much, wait until the cities ask for...and receive...the necessary assistance to cull their out-dated and out-moded housing stock abandoned by people looking for greener pastures. Those houses didn't simply disappear when you moved out and now the cities are holding the bill for demolition of unmaintainable and unneeded housing. You think they are just going to eat the cost of that? Guess again.

Kipper said...

Being an Independent, I have to admit that I've thoroughly enjoyed the recent Conservative media bashings. It happened sooner than I thought it would but I knew it would happen soon enough since that's what the Conservative Party relies on - scare tactics, hate mongering and name calling. Funny thing is, I like middle Repubs just as I like middle Dems but there's so few of them anymore which is the main problem with Government and Politics. Lack of a middle.

As usual, I might not agree with everything that Obama is doing but I have a great deal of respect for the fact that he's been attempting to fix a lot of things that are broken and a lot of things gone ignored and/or made worse buy the Bush administration. anjyone that believes that cleaning up the Bush Administration mess was going to be a quick over night ordeal is simply dillusional.

Whether Obama effectively fixes the issues or not, there's at least an attempt to do so and political attention towards things that have been largely ignored for decades. It's a good step in the right direction even if the results need tinkered with down the line.

... Didn't think Kipper had the politics in him?